Successful brands merge art with commerce. At kafandco, we help property, travel and lifestyle brands achieve this through strategic marketing, public relations and creative content.

Our company was founded by Kate Forrester in February 2015. Kate is strategic and creative and founded kafandco to help more brands marry the two.

We are located in Melbourne, Sydney and Byron Bay, with creative teams in Canada and the United States.

We are a conscious enterprise and stand for the good in marketing.

We help brands
merge art with

We are a full service marketing agency made up of specialists. Our services include marketing strategy, branding, public relations, graphic design, social media, email marketing and digital advertising. We extend your reach and further engage customers in Australia and the United States. Our Director has more than 14 years of experience working in-house and agency-side for leading businesses including Coles, Net-A-Porter, QT Hotels, Camilla and Australia Post. With an agile business model, we tailor our services uniquely to your business and scale to get results. We work with brands who want to grow and are changing the way agencies do business in Australia.


Empower businesses, build brands and drive revenue.


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